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a Division of Document Security Systems, Inc. DSS’s divisions are organized around value-added products and services supported by our innovations, including Digital Brand Protection Solutions, Digital Enterprise Solutions, and Printed Product Solutions. DSS has assembled considerable global resources and technological firepower to produce valuable business solutions like no other single partner can do. 

Humble Beginnings...


Caulastics began as a sole proprietorship in 1960 under the name of Caulley's Creative Litho Service. The company incorporated as a standard private corporation in California in 1987, named Caulastics. Due to reorganization, the company changed names to Plastic Printing Professionals, Inc (P3) in April 2002. In February 2006, P3 was purchased by Document Security Systems, Inc. We now operate as a division of Document Security Systems, Inc.


The single most significant change occurred in 1970. For the first ten years of the company's existence, it functioned as a standard small job shop - printing letterheads, envelopes, brochures, business cards and school newspapers. In 1970, Lowell Caulley bought The Clipper Printing Company of San Francisco, and merged it with Caulley's Litho to form Caulastics.


The Clipper Printing Company was a letterpress shop that printed on plastic and primarily produced signs for government ships & Government I.D. cards. Lowell converted the letterpress work to lithography and moved all the existing finishing equiptment into his Daly City facility. In 1972, Lowell installed the first ultraviolet curing system for sheet- fed plastic printing. Within a year's time, the paper printing operation was transferred to local paper printers and Caulastics became a plastics only production facility. Caulastics specialized in producing Polyester / Polyethylene I.D. cards in addition to the standard PVC cards, thus becoming the first company in the U.S. to manufacture both styles of cards under one roof.


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2017 and beyond...

In 2006, P3 was acquired by DSS and moved into much a larger facility, investing in company equiptment and allowing the division to grow.  The company is structured through a distribition base that services the representing of our product line at a discounted price based on sales volume. Strategically placed RFID and plastic card resellers can assist with solution enhancements, technical help, installation and help piece together the concept to reality.

There are many choices in the RFID marketplace. Often logistics, IT, R&D and other managers are tasked with putting together a ROI proposal on making the jump in technology. We can help. Your painpoint is our target. Our staff has been manufacturing RFID products since they were first introduced into the world. We've been around for awhile and take pride in taking a company or individuals concept to reality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. We proudly manufacture 8 miles from San Francisco because we continue to innovate. Be it Polycarbonate plastic cards, over-sized event cards, clear cards, key tags or Enhaced Tribal Cards we lead the way in RFID quality.

2016 Year End Holiday Party - Team DSS Plastics Group

"After evaluating vendors for over two years, DSS offered us an exceptional ETC product which met all of WHTI's security requirements," said Janis Contraro, Administrative Program Manager Fisheries Department/Enrollment Office of the Suquamish tribe. "DSS was very helpful in meeting our needs and easy to work with."

Janis Contraro

Administrative Program Manager Fisheries Department/Enrollment Office of the Suquamish tribe