More about Jaeson Caulley

3 Generations

The card manufacturing facility was my daycare consisting of Uncle's, Aunt's, Grandparents, Mother and Father and our loyal workforce. After school, I would take the bus to the facility and cause nothing but chaos. I grew up around heavy machinery and card manufacturing/plastic printing. Homework was done in the manufacturing facility lunch room - while I'm sure I was in the way of every employee there - most of which still make up our extended family here at DSS Plastics Group (then Caulastics). Caulastics was acronym for Caulley + Plastics. 

Off to college..

In a quest to spread my wings after graduating Serra High School, I left for San Diego. In San Diego, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to major in so I focused on completing my GE. Unfortunately, I found San Diego too much fun and completed my GE in 7 years (rather than the normal 2 years). I made the decision to come home and immediately start working at the family company. At that point cards were Polaroid 2, 3 & 4 part packs that we laminated (or sold) in pouches. My training immediately started at every position within the company, spending weeks at the press, collation, die cutting, hole punching and answering the phone. It became apparent while answering the phone that I had a lot to learn. My uncle Dennis Caulley thought it best to learn the graphics side of card production as the shift to solid (PVC) plastic cards was approaching. I dove straight into taking Adobe classes and eventually became certified in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I now help use that education to produce our marketing, samples, branding (including website development), managing social media, purchasing urls, catalog production along with running and hiring DSS Plastics Groups sales. 

Finishing college

While working during the day i spent the evenings going to night classes to complete my degree in Bachelor of Science in Human Services. This degree is defined as recognizing the importance of people – working with them, serving them and meeting their needs. The degree allowed me to prepare for or enhance my career in a variety of fields, including business, government, counseling/social work, health care, gerontology, community advocacy, law enforcement and employee relations. It was a perfect blend of Psychology and Business. During this time, the company was split up as we were manufacturing proximity cards for HID. HID purchased our high-tech division taking Dennis Caulley and Lisa Mitchell to form Access ID. At that point Caulastics was renamed Plastic Printing Professionals, Inc. (P3), still our legal name. Access ID took the prox business and we kept onward producing non-tech cards using our proprietary card formulations. On April 4th, 2006 Access ID, Synercard HID and Indala were consolidated into HID Global. 

Plastic Printing Professionals, Inc.

Plastic Printing Professionals, Inc. (P3) focused on card formulations, durability and card security. On February 9th, 2006, Document Security Systems acquired P3. Significant capital was put into P3 and we moved from a 5,000 sq ft facility to a 25,000 sq ft facility. New machinery allowed us to compete in the card world on a greater scale and grow sales rapidly. Along with the new machinery and facility, we now focused heavily on security utilizing DSS's patents for anti-scan/anti-copy and protecting the integrity of the plastic product we manufactured. DSS eventually acquired other companies and rebranded the company in 2011 as a visual representation of the company’s growth and strategic expansion. All divisions took on the DSS name under DBA and we became DSS Plastics Group. 


If you've read this far, you know my entire life has involved plastic printing and plastic card manufacturing. I've grown with the industry from laminating menus, 3 part cards, selling pouches and laminators to Polycarbonate card production, laser engraving, hot-stamp numbering and DOD to variable data on our digital press. I'm grateful to have learned from the generations before me and work for such amazing management at Document Security Systems, Inc. My direct line is 1-415-467-7665. Email button is below. Please note Lisa and Gary should handle most all RFID sales and I am simply available to assist.