About Mike Caulley


I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Attended Catholic grammar and High School (gotta love those nuns!) and attended S.F. City college in San Francisco. I was born into the printing world when my father paid $100.00 for an old Multilith printing press, rebuilt it and put it our homes garage.

I grew up helping dad set type, shoot negatives on a process camera and run the press. Printing was in the Caulley blood.

My senior year of high school my dad and I attended a trade show in S.F.

My father was seeing the trend in printing to more quick printers and less and less real craftsmen in the industry. Quick printing did not interest him so he was looking to specialize in something different than standard printing of letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc.

At that trade show, he talked to a plastic printer from the East Coast who said he did millions of dollars of plastic printing business in the SF area.

After hearing that he did some research and found one plastic printer in the S.F. Bay area (The Clipper Printing Company). He called him up and asked if he wanted to sell the business and 2 months later we owned a plastic printing company.


I am one of those strange people that only had one job in his whole life. The year my father bought the Clipper Printing company was my senior year in High school, 1970.  (Ya, I’m old!) I loved the idea that we were a specialty printer and that following year I took some sales and marketing classes at college and then I was the sales department for the new plastic division of our company (My father called the company Caulastics (our last name, Caulley, and plastics put together.)

Over the years I learned the business the hard way, through trial and error and determination. 

  • One of the problems we had was drying the ink on the sheets.

My dad investigated UV drying (which was pretty new in early 70’s) and we were the first plastic card manufacturer to install UV drying. In fact many of the large corporations that were making plastic cards came to our small shop to see it work. Through these visits we forged many friendly relationships with our competitors that helped solve problems we encountered along the way.

In keeping with the family tradition, my son Jaeson joined the team and is Vice President of our division.


In 2006 we were purchased by Document Security Systems, Inc. to implement their many patented anti-copy anti-scan security technology on plastic.

The first thing DSS did was buy us new equipment and lease us a beautiful manufacturing facility in Brisbane California (just north of the S.F. Airport).

With this new equipment we grew and like my dad, focused on speciality products. We learned we would never be competitive in the large run plastic card market so we specialized in unique and unusual products that others did not want to make. We continue to focus on non standard plastic printed items like Oversized cards, RFID products and Ink Jet receptive plastic cards.

Staying with one company my whole life has given me a unique opportunity to see how the industry has changed and to see the many new opportunities that continue to pop up.


Jaeson, my son, will be ready to take over the ropes when the old man retires and keep the Caulley tradition alive.