If I can tell you how many calls we field from customers that have absolutely zero clue what they are holding in their hand, how their system works, the dramatic cost increase in RFID cards vs. magnetic stripe or best yet, the comment, "I have a XYZ door lock and need cards" (clearly not knowing that door lock accepts HF and LF technology and many different chip types and/or bit-patterns) I would be doing this website a disservice. 

Let's embark on understanding RFID, the technologies available and how DSS Plastics Group can assist.

Start with page RFID 101 to begin learning the basic structure by which to explain to customers what RFID is. Note the operating frequencies that each technology operates under. As each frequency may contain multiple chip types, it is critial to first establish what frequency the user requires. Once frequency is established, use the links below or sub-menu above. As we continue to build this site out, we'll lead you to data sheets and additional information regarding each product. 

Teach frequency, then within frequency, teach which RFID chip your customer may require. It's critical that the end-user understands the product they have so they are not being overcharged and then you can then earn their loyalty. Adding pre-printing, security or custom programming is recommended to secure the base card sale. 

RFID Categories